A-Steroids Studio

Erasing the boundaries between players and supreme mobile gaming experience

About us

We are A-Steroids, a studio developing mobile free-to-play games that started its journey in 2008 as a humble team of talented enthusiasts, who wanted to enhance mobile gaming and take it to the next level. We had to overcome a lot of challenges on our path, we had to change ourselves, but one thing was constant - our devotion to the world of modern entertainment. Over time, we advanced our skills and grew as specialists to finally be recognized as professionals and create products worthy to be called top-level content.

Nowadays, A-Steroids is a powerhouse of creativity and innovations, inventive approach and ingenuity that allow us to provide nothing but exceptional engaging online games. We are a diverse team of creators, artists, story-tellers, developers and programmers united with the desire to bring art into gaming.

We are the ones who strive to create the best gambling experience for the users of porative devices. We are proud of what we do and we won’t settle for less than excellence.

Our mission

While our wide experience allows us to provide market-oriented content of high-quality, our passion is what motivates us to go above and beyond and make it outstanding. We believe that these two elements are an essential part of who we are and what made our studio thrive. Thanks to our fascination for what mobile gaming can be, we are able to develop unrivalled free-to-play games that provide remarkable experience to those who find as much sheer joy in playing as we do ourselves.

Our mission is fuelled by our desire to make an impact on the free-to-play mobile gaming and make best-in-class projects that make creativity and excitement a reality.

Our approach

When undertaking any new project, we rely on several principles which shape the way we work:

  • We seize any opportunity for improvement of ourselves we get. Despite the fact that any member of our team can rightfully be called a professional, we know that there’s always room to grow. That’s why we take every chance to acquire new skills and develop our proficiency.
  • We follow trends in the mobile gaming sector. To provide more than just good-looking content, we monitor and analyze any change on the market at all times. This allows us to create the content that will appeal to the greater audience.
  • We are not afraid of challenges. Instead of taking the easy way out, in case some concept is difficult to realize, we refuse to give up or look for alternatives. The A-Steroids studio will not compromise to the detriment of imaginativeness and never of quality.
  • We are open to new ideas and we are ready to overcome obstacles on our path. Most of all, we appreciate creativity and a nonstandard approach for which our team has become well known.
  • We carefully choose our partners and with whom we cooperate. When establishing new partnerships, we thoroughly analyze the reputation and quality of products and services of every company. Only in case the said parameters are flawless do we create partnership. For instance, we have been working together with the iGamingSoft company for a long time now. The software and solutions for casinos and gamling businesses they provide stand out with unrivaled quality and attention to detail - the qualities that are more than appreciated in the A-Steroids studio.
  • We develop purely original content. While some developers may copy, be it intentionally or not, or even steal concepts from other game studios, our content is entirely original. We draw inspiration from our passion and desire to create something new and special, so, when playing our games, you can be sure that it’s a result of honest work and exclusive ideas from our talented employees.

Our principles

  • UI & UX Design. We deeply care for our players’ gaming experience, and therefore we are doing our best to make our products and apps not only pretty but also convenient. Our formula of an ideal interface can be described as “it must be intuitive, fun to use, rich but simple, and, of course, convenient”.
  • Cutting-edge technologies. The modern technologies and the latest mechanics that can be applied to mobile games is what really fascinates us. The A-Steroids studio is always in the search for the newest trends to make our own products even better and more engaging.
  • Responsibility. While we concentrate on positive emotions our games can bring, we have a perfect understanding that this work, like any other, requires responsibility. That is why we adhere to the strict principles in game development: efficiency, punctuality, and precision.
  • Attention to detail. Whenever we proceed to create characters, backgrounds, scenarios, game mechanics or anything regarding our games, we approach the task with all seriousness. We are proud to say that every detail in any of our products is carefully designed to bring to the players the best experience possible.