A-Steroids has been founded in 2008 by game industry professionals with a goal to create innovative, fun and engaging experiences for smartphone users. Seven years after, we’re now a seasoned development team with solid background and a successful track record on various mobile platforms.

Working as a distributed team since day one, we’ve built an agile production process fine-tuned for efficient remote collaboration of team members across different locations in Russia & Europe.

Our track record consists of a number of original titles published and successfully delivered work-for-hire products for our partners: check out our games.

We're Great At
  • Mobile Free-to-Play game design, development, analytics and efficient post-release operation
  • Full SKU Production of mobile games and apps from concept to market, on schedule and within budget
  • Online Games Development both on the client and server side, also performance optimisation & continuous support
  • Art Production (2D): creating charismatic characters, high quality concepts, stunning backgrounds, objects and more
  • UI & UX Design: making complex interfaces intuitive and fun to use, designing delightful user experiences in games & apps
Executive Team

Andrei Podoprigora,
Founder & CEO

Former developer of desktop, console and mobile games. Present day challenge: running an efficient gaming studio while still having loads of fun on the way.


Anton Kosyakin,
Technical Director

10+ years of development & team leading experience. Has a special power, allowing him to speak to game servers.

Ilya Eremeyev,
Creative Director

Art direction and game design expert with diverse industry background. True fan of free-to-play games both as a gamer and as a professional.

Andrey Trukhachev,
Development Director

Self-motivated and energetic management professional. The main man when it comes to coordination, planning and getting obstacles form the team’s way to a deadline.